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Picnics and chocolate cakes

When I woke up this morning I didn’t feel that well. I really wanted to run, and in particular to do the interval session that I missed yesterday, but I knew that it wasn’t the sensible option. I might be OK in a day or two if I rest, but I could be under the weather for weeks if I try to do too much.

At least I had an opportunity to try my scones with jam and marmalade that somebody from the church had made – very tasty. I also made the chocolate chip muffins that I wanted to make yesterday. I’ve put most of them in the freezer, along with the gingerbread muffins, with the plan to put them in the kids’ lunchboxes during the week. I’ve got a bit of lunch box fatigue and I’m trying to make the kids’ lunches a bit more interesting as they can get a bit repetitive. It doesn’t help that they don’t really like sandwiches all that much. Any suggestions gratefully received.

I thought the orchid, that Peter bought me many months ago, had died. The flowers had shrivelled and died and the stalk had dried out, but this week new flowers have started to bloom. The old flowers were blue but these are white. I wondered if it was something that they put in the water to make them blue, maybe it’s possible to make them any colour or even rainbow colours. Anyway, I prefer the white flowers to the original blue and I can’t believe that the plant has had a second wind, a very pleasant surprise.

The weather was beautiful today. We considered driving somewhere but, in the end, opted for a picnic in our own back garden. It was certainly less effort than packing a picnic and getting the kids into the car. 

We even put the Guinea pigs out to eat some grass. I’m not totally sure that they are familiar with the concept of eating grass as they have lived inside all their lives but they seemed pretty happy.

Later, Naomi wanted to make a cake from the recipe book that the church gave her when we left London, which was strangely almost exactly a year ago. I halved the recipe because I didn’t want to use up all the eggs we had but it still turned out a good size. It would have been massive if we’d done the whole recipe. Daniel was waiting eagerly in the background to taste it. He wasn’t disappointed as it tasted amazingly good.

I don’t think that I will even attempt to run tomorrow but I will try at least to do some stretching or something like that. 

One comment on “Picnics and chocolate cakes

  1. niki
    September 26, 2015

    My kids seem to really like (unsweetened) oatcakes. Nairns are £££ but lidl do them at a reasonable price…

    Liked by 1 person

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