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Conversations with Daniel

It was the Harvest service today and after that it was Kids Worship and a Christening. I always thought that the bread that they make the wheat decoration out of was inedible but it turns out that you can eat it. It’s a little dry but good dipped in soup or a stew (as we found out later at the Harvest lunch).

All was well until the pepper became an unwelcome football for Peter during the Christening! Mind you, I was more concerned that he might set the baby on fire with the candle.
Here’s Daniel getting ready for the Kids Worship sitting on the ladybird cushion. I thought you might like an insight into the types of conversations I have with Daniel. These two conversations were had while changing him. He is meant to be potty trained and he is quite good at using the potty if he wants to do a wee but he refuses to do a poo in the potty. Hence the conversation below.

Me: You’ve done a poo, you’re meant to do your poos in the potty. It’s disgusting. 

Daniel: Disgusting (laughing)

Me: Yes, so are you, you’re a disgusting human being

Daniel: I’m not a human being

Me: Yes you are

Daniel: I’m not a human being, I’m just Daniel. Naomi’s a human being.

Later that same day:

Me: You’ve done a big smelly poo

Daniel: I haven’t done a big smelly poo

Me: Yes you have, you’re just in denial

Daniel: I’m not in denial, I’m in the house!

I can’t believe he actually said that. 


Anyway, he fell asleep this afternoon so that gave the other two a chance to make their T-shirts. We got the T-shirts from Primark (so pretty cheap) and I bought some fabric paint for the kids to use to decorate them.

I thought they turned out quite well although Dominic’s is in his own distinct style (Amazing Phil and Dan are YouTubers by the way). The instructions on the paint say that it will take 3 days to dry so they won’t be wearing them for a while. I think they might need a bit or ironing too.

I wanted to relax this afternoon. I feel a good deal better than I did yesterday but I thought if I read a book or something then I wouldn’t be tempted to do too much. However, I didn’t have a book so I decided to read The Hunger Games, which I bought for Dominic to read. This was probably a mistake because it’s quite absorbing and at some point Dominic will realise that I’m reading HIS book and demand it back and I will be at a point where I really don’t want to give it back. I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

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