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Do you know Liverpool?

It’s one of our technician’s birthday tomorrow so we had coffee and cake mid-morning. We don’t usually all take a break at the same time but we make an exception if it’s someone’s birthday. Anyway, somebody had a quiz about Liverpool. I’ve only lived ‘up north’ for a year so they didn’t think I’d know the answers but actually I wasn’t that bad and surprised them a bit.

The clues were for districts of Liverpool. Here are a few that I remember, see how you get on, answers later. 1. Bing’s surname 2. Bullied 3. Oval shaped dock 4. Ageing bird 5. Sway a bush 6. Alligator’s cousin died 7. Hard rain 8. H2O W.C. 

Apparently I missed seeing Jupiter and Mars this morning but we did see the sun setting when we went to the park this evening. I think that the children may have gone mad; the roundabout had been taken away so the kids decided to run round and round in circles on the place where the roundabout had been instead!

We let the Guinea pigs out while I cleaned their cage. They enjoyed running around. However, I think I’ve found a better pet! I may need to get him a bigger cage though.

I ran along the river to New Brighton this afternoon. I took it fairly easy as I want to do an interval session tomorrow. I didn’t time it accurately but I think it was about 7:45 pace for 3.7 miles. I hope I can fit in the speed work tomorrow as I’ve not done anything fast for two weeks now (listen to my podcast for my excuses – search Training Tracks with Maggie Cooper on iTunes).

So, how did you do with the quiz? These are the answers 1. Crosby 2. Picton 3. Aigburth 4. Old Swan 5.Wavertree 6.Croxteth 7. Hale 8. Waterloo.

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