The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Tidying day

I’m glad that I didn’t set my alarm to get up early to see Jupiter this morning. When I finally surfaced and peered through the curtains all I could see was fog. I couldn’t even see the sun let alone Jupiter.

I didn’t really feel up to the interval session so I just ran along the prom and then did the workout that was on the schedule but I still feel like I have some underlying infection that I can’t shake off. Next week is going to be really busy with work (two trips to London) and then I have to go to Hamburg at the weekend after that I think that I might take a short break before I embark on a new schedule.

 We had a bit of a tidying up day today. Our house seemed to have gradually got into a bit of a mess especially the kids’ rooms so I helped Naomi get her room sorted and then I tackled Daniel’s room. He was very pleased with the way I arranged his toys.

I didn’t even attempt to tidy Dominic’s room. He told me that all the bits of Lego on the floor were part of a game he was playing and that he couldn’t possibly put them away. Due to the inventiveness of his excuse, I let him leave his room a complete mess.

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