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This rugby stuff is so confusing

fearneI have to admit that I’m slightly confused about the rugby. No, I’m not confused about how England, the hosts, could be out of the competition when we’ve barely got started, I’m English and so I’ve come to expect this sort of thing, although you would have thought that the ‘organisers’ could have organised us to be in a bit of an easier group. I mean, whose idea was it to put us in a group with Wales and Australia?! It’s the Scottish team that I’m actually confused about.
I will often listen to the radio, mainly Radio 5 live, so I’ve ended up listening to a fair amount about the
Rugby World Cup (although if the truth is
known, I’m really not all that interested in it). Every time they mention the Scotland coach I have a double-take. How can Fearne Cotton be the Scotland coach?? I mean, Fearne Cotton, TV presenter, English(!), female(!), famous for her Red Nose Day antics. What’s she doing coaching the Scotland rugby team??

Then I realise that they haven’t said Fearne Cotton at all, but Vern Cotter, and by then I’ve missed whtever it was they were talking about and they’re onto the next topic. Mind you, it would be interesting if some female TV presenters ended up coaching the rugby squads, who could say that we wouldn’t have made it through to the quarter finals if we’d had Davina McCall in charge?

It’s been a bit of a day for making things. Before church I made curry for tomorrow’s tea and also some chocolate brownies (almost all eaten already!) We had Kids Worship at church and they made little treasure boxes. Daniel put his little toy car in his. Naomi, who made a prototype last night to check that we had everything we needed to make them, now has two and has no idea what to put in them. Later Naomi and Daniel made flags, well technically Naomi and I made flags but under instruction from Daniel.

Luckily it is a rest day from running today but I’m not sure I would have run if it hadn’t been. I still don’t feel completely well. Tomorrow is also a scheduled rest day so maybe I will feel better by Tuesday. There isn’t actually all that much rest with kids around though!

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