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Wet feet and fast feet

Have you any idea how difficult it is to catch a Guinea pig? Those little creatures can move pretty fast. We let them loose while we clean their cage but they’re really tricky to catch again. 

It was even difficult to get a photo of them because they wouldn’t stay still for very long.

Unfortunately I wasn’t moving quite so fast in my workout tonight. I was a bit tired so the 30 min Cardio Hustle was pretty hard work. I quite like the workout though, to me it’s more like a proper circuit session than most of the other workouts. There’s lots of running with high knees, jumps, burpees, press up type things and stuff that makes your abs hurt. The woman on the app tries to say encouraging things like “remember to breathe” or “focus on form not on speed” as you are just about dying and you aren’t terribly concerned about form or speed anymore and her words don’t sound encouraging at all but somehow mocking. If she were there in real life then you would be tempted to just thump her!

That wasn’t the only exercise I got today though as I had to dash to the train station to pick up tickets then rush to the school to pick up kids. It was pouring with rain and even with an umbrella I was getting pretty wet and my shoes were beginning to squelch. I stood waiting with another lady at the pedestrian crossing. A car drove past really close to us and drove straight through a large puddle. A wave of water rose into the air and before I could react the bottom half of my body was drenched in water. We just looked at each other and laughed. She got off lightly compared to me because she was standing back a bit from the edge. We were both already so wet though that it hardly mattered.

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