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Unexpected kindness

I had to go to London yesterday and again today. I guess I could have stayed overnight but Peter was busy last night so I had to come back. Anyway it meant that I had a lot of time to finish off book two of the Hunger Games and I didn’t feel guilty about totally ignoring my family while I was reading it because they weren’t there.

There was a woman in the seat behind me on the train yesterday with a small baby. I didn’t notice her because she was behind me (and I had my head in a book!) but there were two guys in the seats across the aisle from me who were facing her and could see her with the little one. It was clear that they didn’t know her but, when they saw that the baby had fallen asleep, they offered to go to the buffet for her and get her a drink because she couldn’t really move due to not wanting to wake the baby. They even paid for her drink. It was so sweet. A small act of kindness that cost them little but was so lovely to see. I wish it was always like that.

Yesterday I got my run in before I left to catch the train because I didn’t need to be in London until midday but this morning I had to go in at the crack of dawn as usual partly because the train was early and partly because I needed to check my emails  at work before the meeting because I was waiting for a response from somebody that I needed to take to the meeting. However, my technician needed to update me on some stuff which consumed a few precious minutes so, instead of having 15-20 min to get to the station, I only had 10 min. It’s a good job I’m fit as I had to run all the way. I got from my office to the train in 7 min. I think my record is 6! I didn’t have time to do my session when I got home but I reckon that running to the station was a reasonable effort.

Anyway, I’m practically at the end of this 12 week schedule that I’m doing and didn’t fancy doing the Solar Power Yoga in the dark of my garage when I got home and the exercises looked impossible. I don’t think I’ll lose any sleep about missing that one. However, I do need to plan what I’m going to do next with my training and this is the subject of my podcast this week you can listen to it here.

I got off the tube at King’s Cross on the way back then walked to Euston from there because I’d noticed that they had a market outside. I’ve been to the market before and they have some great food – for a price. I reckoned that the focaccia with onion, fennel and thyme was worth it. The Chelsea buns looked very tempting but at £2.50(!!!) each they weren’t tempting enough to actually buy.

Thankfully I don’t have to go to London tomorrow but I do have to go to Hamburg the next day. It’s a bit of a mad week.

One comment on “Unexpected kindness

  1. Diane
    October 9, 2015

    Love the write up, how you have time amazes me. What a busy busy lady send my regards to the family.


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