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Cycling in Hamburg

Well, I wasn’t registered for the conference and so I had to pay an enormous amount of money for the privilege of listening to some interesting talks about Nuclear Medicine. Let’s hope I can claim it back without too much trouble. My friend told me to look on the bright side and see it as a new way of saving. That’s an optimist’s approach, the pessimist in me says that the interest rate is lousy and the hospital expenses claim system is difficult to fathom.

I didn’t get as many hours sleep as planned. This was due to two reasons a) I had to finish the third Hunger Games book, I don’t think I would have slept knowing there were only a couple of chapters left and not knowing what happened in the end and b) I had to get up early (remember that we’re an hour ahead compared with home) in order to register for the conference.

I found the bike station behind Hammer Kirche. I nearly didn’t get a bike as, first of all I couldn’t work out how to unlock them, and then, when I did work it out, I found that the bike I had selected wouldn’t unlock!

It was actually pretty simple to use the bike hire system, you just need to put the card you registered with into the terminal and it recognises you and asks you which bike you want to use. My only problem was that I didn’t realise that there was a little metal plate that you had to lift to tap a screen to release the lock. I can be pretty dense at times. After that you are off. The bikes are heavy but quite nice to ride.

I’m pretty rubbish with directions and it is difficult to hear what the iPhone is screaming at me with the noise of the traffic (I could wear my headphones but then I wouldn’t be able to hear what was going on around me). It said it was about 3.5 miles to the conference centre but I think with several wrong turns it was probably somewhat further. When I found the conference centre I couldn’t find the bike park, I never did find the one that I was aiming for but at least I found another one not far from the conference centre.

The first 30 min is free on the bike and then you start having to pay. It took me 34 min to get there and 32 min to get back. It wasn’t that I was cycling especially slowly (I could have run it faster) but because I had to keep stopping to find out where to go. I took a shadow selfie on the same bridge as the photo above but looking the other way. If you look carefully then you can see all the little sailing boats.

Cycling in Hamburg is very easy. There are lots of bike paths and I’m sure once you know where you are going then it is also pretty quick. The thing that holds you up is having to cross the roads. I’m not sure if you are allowed to go when the little man is red but since I don’t know whether to look right or left for the oncoming traffic then I figured that it was probably safer to just wait. It was fairly windy but at least it wasn’t hilly.

I didn’t bump into that many people I know at the conference today and didn’t see the guys from my hospital but I did meet up with Michelle (and got to meet her husband for the first time). We did a bit of session hopping together (going from one session to another to listen to just the talks we are interested in rather than sitting through one entire session). I also saw both consultants from the first hospital that I worked in as a radiopharmacist, I saw a Japanese women who I’m certain was on my flight and I briefly saw Jane before Michelle and I dived out of that session and into the one next door.

It was a busy day and I talked to a lot of reps from companies about products that we are interested in. I didn’t stay to the bitter end but decided to come back so that I would have time to run before it got dark.

I must be really unfit, I thought I was running OK around Hammer Park but it turned out to be only about 8 min per mile for a little less than 4 miles. I’m also very tired which I’m sure has a very negative effect on my running so hopefully I can get a bit of sleep over the next couple of days and be back on track with the running.

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