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Running in Hamburg

I went over to Michelle’s hotel first thing this morning. As my hotel is miles out of town, she was kind enough to suggest that I dump my stuff at her place and go for a run round the harbour then to use her shower when I got back. It was definitely a better suggestion than running round the block 10 times.

So I jammed all my stuff into the conference bag, threw out anything that wasn’t needed (conference book!) and jumped on a bike. I used just my memory rather than the map or the iPhone mapping programme and got to the bike racks in record time – who needs a map?!

Michelle luckily was up and practising her talk when I got there. I got changed and headed out of the door. It seems that I didn’t take the most direct route to the water’s edge but I got there, which is the main thing. There were loads of people running, it was as bad as the Embankment in London at lunchtime.

I was going OK despite of my cold and I overtook a couple of guys who then promptly overtook me when I took a wrong turn! But when I caught up with one of them again he obviously wasn’t too pleased to have me overtaking him as he quickened his pace and kept ahead until he turned off the main path a short while later (I felt that this was in order to avoid me overtaking him again).

Michelle’s husband had said that it was about 7.5 km round the loop and I reckon that that was fairly accurate. I ended up running 6 miles (average pace 7:42 per mile) because of the run too and from the hotel. I would definitely recommend this route as it’s a good distance, easy to follow, on a nice track and pretty much flat apart from the bridges also there were no roads to cross or anything so it was a really lovely run. I was pleased to run as well as I did since I don’t actually feel all that great because of my cold.

Another day of good intentions to listen to some interesting talks at the conference became a day of talking to a lot of different people and companies about Ga-68 generators and synthesis units and also about cyclotrons (which I know precious little about). Interesting in itself but I feel that I have been to precious few proper lectures. At least I heard Michelle’s (which I was coauthor on) – and not just in the hotel room.

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