The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

The guinea pig is sick

The other week the Guinea pig got stuck in a tube that was too small for it to go through. With a bit of pushing and pulling, we managed to get him out. Shortly after that we noticed that the hair on his nose had thinned and thought it must have got damaged in the tube incident. But it hasn’t got better so we had to take him to the vet today.

The diagnosis is ringworm. So now Jerry is on a course of treatment. Tom, on the other hand, seems fine and hopefully he will be Ok. Apparently they both enjoyed a bath at the vets though. They’ve to go back next week for another bath. I wonder if they would consider offering that treatment at the doctor’s. I reckon a nice hot bath might help get rid of this cold. 

I’ve now planned my running schedule for the next few weeks. I’ve had to take into account that I’m nor superhuman nor do I have endless time. Pity really but those are the bare facts. I potentially have two cross-country races in the next four weeks, one being a relay, and I feel totally unprepared. I just hope I can get over this cold quickly and get back doing some decent sessions, the past few weeks have been nothing more than ticking over at best.

I’ve tried to incorporate some of the workouts from the Nike training app as well as some more standard running training like intervals and steady runs. The main element that is missing is a long run, unless I can somehow fit it in during the week. Sunday’s are impossible for now and with two Saturday races the only other realistic long run day is lost. I suspect I will suffer towards the end of those races as a result, although the relay is thankfully short. 

Well I guess I better go and find out what I did with my spikes. I hope they aren’t rotting in a bag somewhere covered in mud.

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