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Little monsters 

Daniel didn’t want to go to church. “I can’t like it, I can’t like it” is all he would say. However, he did seem to like it once we got there. We went for the Kids Worship, a short service packed full of fun songs and activities. Today we made little monsters. 

Now, I’m sure that you’re wondering how that actually related to any passage in the bible and, quite frankly, so am I. The little monsters did get a chance to pop up during the songs though.

Dominic surpassed himself, he was so good with this little girl and helped her make her monster meaning that he hardly had time to make his own. I was so proud of him. He was so attentive and kind to her.

Connor helped me clear up all the little bits of backing paper that had been on the stickers used to decorate the cup part. He said that it was better than last week when he’d had to change his shirt when he got home after one of the kids had drawn on him, I hope it wasn’t one of my kids!

After lunch we went to the soft play. It’s quite boring unless you are a small child. Daniel spent about half an hour feeding balls into a tube. Soon they will all be old enough to get round without help but it seems that Daniel shares my irrational fear of stepping on see-through floors meaning that he was unable to get to the big slide without help. Eventually my little monsters tired and we were able to come home.

Tomorrow, hopefully, it will be a running day. I did observe people running along the prom with a slight feeling of envy and really wanted to join them. I still have a cold but I’m really hoping that I will be well enough to start training again next week.

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