The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Arrowe Park

I haven’t been to Arrowe Park since 1985. It was the venue for the National Cross Country Championships made famous by the anti-apartheid demonstrators who forced Zola Budd off the course. I wasn’t actually in her race because I was still an intermediate but it was my best result ever, coming 10th in the National.


I can’t say that I recognised it but the gathering gloom didn’t really help. This, my first session, will be the last session in daylight but it didn’t feel that light and I’m sure that I don’t run as well in the dark.

Sarah had set up a circuit with cones and she attached little lights to about half of them so that we could see where to go. The loop must have been about 300m long and incorporated part of the hill, which, no doubt, I ran up 30 years ago!

We did an interval session where we ran fast for 1min, then 2min, then 3min then 4 min then 4min etc back to 1min. There was 1min jog between each effort. I felt the effects of my cold and my lack of decent training recently but it was a good session. Just a pity that it was so dark as I’m sure I would have run better if I could have seen where I was going. I have terrible night vision – must eat more carrots. Also, next time I must take my spikes because as the sun (if it was ever there) disappeared completely, the dew settled and it got quite slippy.

I cut Daniel’s hair yesterday. Not quite a professional job but OK and practical. I found that I’d missed a bit by his ear so I’ll have to hold him still again to cut that bit off. He was in a bit of a funny mood today but I don’t think it was related to the haircut.

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