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Training Day

My legs were tired and a bit stiff this morning, the result of yesterday’s session. I’m really not well but I figure that if I sit around doing no running for much longer then I will simply go mad. So, tonight, in spite of not feeling great, I put on my kit and headed out of the door.

I’m wondering whether my decision not to replace my broken watch(es) with another watch with a stopwatch function was a good one. I had thought that I’d just take the iPhone if I wanted to know the time for my run but it is bulky and annoying to carry. So instead I took the completely broken one with me and shoved it in my back pocket as I was interested to know how fast/slow I was going.

I headed off in the direction of the ferry port. As I turned to come back I saw a familiar figure running in my direction. It was Sarah from the athletics club (she organises the session that I went to yesterday). If I hadn’t been running so slowly, I would have turned around and run with her but I could tell that she was going much faster than me and I would only have held her up. 

However, as we stopped to have a brief chat, I realised that it was far from easy to recover the watch from my back pocket and stop it so that my time was more accurate. As it happens, it really didn’t matter, I will almost certainly run that route quicker another day and I might even run it slower but what I know is that I was running something slightly quicker than 8 min per mile. Since I ran the whole length of the promenade from the ferry port to New Brighton and back, it was about 7km.

We also had training at work today, but a different kind of training. It was a refresher on quality matters. It was really good to set aside the time to do some training as a team and we’ll try to do that again another time. I’d rather have them all out doing some proper training (I mean running) though but I expect that there would be a revolt if I did that. 

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