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Penguin disaster

We forgot Pingu! This is a major disaster. Pingu is Naomi’s toy penguin and he goes everywhere with her – except to the grandparents on this occasion. There were lots of tears and although we have all the other penguins, Fred, Flomp and little Pingu, it isn’t really OK. Naomi seems to have got over the initial shock at least.

This is what happens when you let an eleven year old have you phone for a few minutes!

We’re on route to the in-laws (aka ‘the outlaws’) but minus Peter as he has important things to do at the weekend like church services so couldn’t come with us. So I will be taking 3 kids across London on my own – let’s hope I don’t lose any.

To pass the time we played a game of “my favourite animal is…. ” then you have to say an animal beginning its A. The next person has to say the same thing but add an animal beginning with B. So we had, “my favourite animal is an ant, a baboon etc.” This was all very well except Daniel kept saying “an ant isn’t an animal!” I don’t know what he has against ants. It was impossible to get past P for Penguin as he was saying “a lama isn’t an animal, an iguana isn’t an animal, an ant isn’t an animal”. We gave up and not just because we were getting close to the impossible letters – pity because I had V for vulture all lined up.

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