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The Haircut

I’ve been trying to get Dominic to have his hair cut for about 2-3 months. I’m pretty sure that the last time he had his hair cut was in the May half-term nearly 5 months ago! Dominic thought his hair looked ‘cool’. I thought his hair looked like he’d just got out of bed – all the time. Bits stuck out at awkward angles and it had a life of its own. In fact, it’s possible that people might have mistook his hair for a small rodent. Dominic, for some reason, didn’t see things that way.

Anyway, the last time Dominic had his hair cut was in Lingfield and I thought that the barber that cut it did it about as well as anybody ever had. So, being as we’re back in that neck of the woods, I thought it would be easy to take him back there. He was not keen but I convinced him that I would make sure that the barber didn’t cut too much off. He wanted me to cut it but I really wouldn’t have done a good job and I was sure that the barber would do a much better job. All was well until he had to sit in the barber’s chair. He wouldn’t take his coat off and, when the barber started combing the front of his hair he freaked out because he didn’t want the front cut at all (it needed cutting even if not too much). 

The barber was not the most patient of human beings and didn’t have time to be messed about so we didn’t have much choice but to give up. I was not happy.

Dominic must have realised how annoyed I was and agreed to try again. So we went back and had another go. I can’t say that Dominic’s reaction was much better but he stayed in the chair long enough for the barber to do the quickest haircut ever. Under the circumstances he did a remarkably good job but given a little more time and a bit less stress I suspect it might have been better. 

Dominic was not happy. He put up the hood on his coat and practically ran out of the barber’s.

Later we went to the park and played with the frisbee. Dominic still had his hood up but at least he’d cheered up a bit. I did feel a bit bad because the barber cut a bit more off the fringe than I expected him to but it does look a lot better than it did.

Grandad and Naomi made plasticine figures, of course we had a penguin and grandad did a little dog too.

Maybe I should have got grandad to do the haircut, he’s obviously more artistic than me and would probably have done a better job.

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