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Terrible threes

Nothing was right for Daniel today; the milk was too cold, he didn’t want ribena or orange, he wanted water but he  didn’t want cold water! He didn’t want to go back to our seats, he wanted to stand in the buffet car (presumably in the hope that the water might warm up if we stayed long enough).

Luckily we got doughnuts to eat on the train which certainly made the whole experience slightly better.

Travelling with kids is a nightmare. Trains and train stations are not made with families in mind and travelling on the London Underground requires special training if you are travelling with a three year old, luggage and two other young children (with luggage). I suggest some serious workouts, especially strength and endurance training in the weeks before the planned departure date.

Don’t talk to me about the toilets! On the train from East Grinstead to London, one was locked and the other was totally flooded (and it wasn’t just water). When we got to Euston Daniel said he wanted to do a wee. This is a big step forward with the potty training in that he is asking rather than being asked about doing a wee. 

The toilets at Euston are not family friendly. You have to pay 30p to go through a turnstile into the toilets. This is a bit annoying if you have 3 kids and luggage and only one of them wants to use the toilet. Do you leave two on the outside with the luggage? Do you take all three through with the luggage? I did the former and hoped they were now old enough to be OK. 

Then, when we got into the toilet, Daniel refused to do a wee because he didn’t want to use the toilet, he wanted his potty! 

So, after the stress of travelling for four hours with three kids on my own, I went to to top of a tall building and looked down. Luckily the building was the multi-storey car park and Peter had come to meet us so we all got in the car and went home.

2 comments on “Terrible threes

  1. rethinklife
    October 26, 2015

    Been there… motherhood. Different places, different forms of transportation (trains), but always and forever the same. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rethinklife
    October 26, 2015

    haha! I meant, planes not trains. *rolls eyes at self*


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