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Train tracks

I’ve escaped from Daniel. He seems to be making the world’s longest Lego train on the world’s shortest Lego track. I suspect it’s doomed to failure. I don’t want to be around at that point of realisation that it’s not going to work. I’ve left Naomi to it!

He came back from nursery very excited about his Halloween picture. When I asked him if he did the glitter, he said “No” but he obviously didn’t do the glue so I’m not sure that he did any of it. Here’s (his) masterpiece. 

I had a very interesting talk with a clinician at work today. It’s rare for me to actually get excited about any meeting but this was a little different. He was interested in using radiolabelled antibodies for diagnosing cancer – that’s my thing. I’m not sure that the rest of my team will quite as excited about it as me (extra work) but it suddenly opens up a lot of exciting research opportunities that I haven’t had since I first started working with radiolabelled antibodies about 17 years ago!

I hear crying, maybe the train doesn’t fit on the track. Better go and find out.

One comment on “Train tracks

  1. niki
    October 29, 2015

    I understand the excitement. Hope u get to follow it up


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