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Is it Christmas already?

I was meant to be running in the National cross-country relays today. However, I’ve been pretty much side-lined for weeks now with either being totally shattered or not well. The good news is that they really didn’t need me, I would even have struggled to make the B team. The girls did brilliantly coming second narrowly losing to Leeds. The B team were 18th. I don’t think I’m going to be fit enough to race next weekend either but hopefully I will be able to shake off this cough and cold and do some training. Either that or I’ll be baking more cakes. 

Instead we went shopping. Anybody would think it was Christmas. Dominic thinks that perhaps we should all start celebrating any festival at least two months in advance as everybody else seems to be doing. If that’s the case “Happy Birthday to me”. I’m not sure I can quite cope with two months of Christmas so I shall try to ignore it for at least another month (and no doubt find myself in a total rush to buy presents in mid-December).

The Guinea pig seems to have recovered from his infection and they both had their last bath at the vets this morning. They seemed to enjoy it.

I also washed my car. This was not planned but, when I came back to it after going to the supermarket, I found that a bird had done a massive dropping on it. However, on closer inspection I found it wasn’t a bird, it looked like cheese or something that somebody had dropped or thrown on my car when it was parked outside our house – very strange. Anyway, it needed a wash.

If you didn’t listen to my podcast before then click here to listen it’s quite light hearted and only 10 min.

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