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Fish fingers for tea

Daniel is not very well today – there is justice after all, that’s what comes from eating mummy’s pizza! Actually, I expect it’s what comes of going to nursery with a roomful of other snotty nosed kids. It’s just a matter of time before I get whatever he has. 

I made fish fingers with sweet potato chips for tea. When I say I made fish fingers, I don’t mean I got a pack of fish fingers out of the freezer but that I made fish fingers from real fish and breadcrumbs and stuff. The kids said “these are nicer than normal fish fingers”! I should hope so, for a start they actually had fish in them.

Here’s the recipe if you’re interested:

For the breadcrumbs you use about 200g bread and blitz it in the food processor. Then add 50g semolina and put the lot in a freezer bag in the freezer.

Then you cut up the fish (I used cod) into fingers (I used 200g but still had breadcrumbs left over so you could do more). Get three bowls and put flour in one, a beaten egg in the next and the breadcrumbs in the last then you dip the fish in each in turn.

You can fry the fish fingers or you can dip them in a bit of oil and put them in the oven (I put them in at 180C for about 10 min turning halfway).  Not a great photo I’m afraid but just what I saved for Daniel (don’t want him eating my lunch again!)

The recipe was from a book called Madhouse by Jo Pratt. I quite like this book as it has a fair few good recipes that the family will eat. 

I was a bit late back from work because I had to go on a visit of the new hospital. Anybody would think it was a building site or something – oh, it is. However we still got pretty good views from the upper floors. I could see Wirral town hall and if I had had binoculars I might have been able to see our house. I also saw my new department (one huge cavern at present) but that wasn’t nearly as interesting. Anyway, being late meant that, as predicted, I didn’t get chance to run. Anyway, my legs are a little stiff from yesterday’s efforts.


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