The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Remembrance Sunday

The kids seem to have spent most of the day playing Tap the Frog. I’ve had to ban them from it for the rest of the day or they’ll be dreaming of frogs.

It makes a change from the YouTube videos that Dominic usually watches. I read in the Times today that the Phil and Dan book I bought for Dominic at the show on Thursday now tops the autumn bestseller list! Must have been that copy that I bought that pushed them up there.

Apart from tapping frogs, we did actually go to church. There’s a big service tonight but there was also the Remembrance Day service this morning. The church looked pretty good with loads of candles set out for this evening’s service.

I also did some excercises in my garage-come-gym. The workout was called Abs and Arms, which is pretty self-explanatory. Not much chance of going out for a run today and the weather has been awful. I’m not sure that I will go to the session at Arrowe Park tomorrow. I imagine that it will be extremely wet and I’m not keen on wet feet.

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