The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Squeezing things in

I haven’t been idle these past couple of days, but I didn’t really have time to blog. I have also done some exercise, although not as much running as I had hoped.

I woke up yesterday to the alarm going off, but since the alarm was rather quiet, I thought that it wasn’t mine. However, it was persistent and I figured that it must be mine after all. I discovered that the reason why the alarm was so quiet was because my right ear was almost completely blocked. I think this is the result of whatever infection has been ailing me. It’s like I’ve been swimming and got water in my ears. I hope it clears up soon as it’s a bit annoying. I keep having to explain to people that I can’t hear properly and I feel like I’m living in a bubble.

I set the alarm to go off early because I really wanted to see whether it was feasible to do some exercise in the morning before work so I picked one of the Nike Training Club app workouts that was less than 15 min and did that. It was called Fresh HIT and was quite a basic High Intensity Training workout – the burpees, for example, weren’t full burpees (thank goodness). It all went quite well and I was only 5 min late for work!

Today I got up early again but unfortunately Daniel also woke up so I had to entertain him, do the packed lunches and grab breakfast. However, I saw a small window of opportunity and squeezed in a 10 min workout in the living room with Daniel saying things like “why are you doing that?” and “I want to watch the Kindle”. As a result it took slightly longer than 10 min but I wasn’t actually late for work.

I really liked doing the exercises before work. I felt alert and invigorated and I felt it set me up well for the day.


I’m really keen for the kids to learn Chinese. Naomi’s first word was “mao” which means “cat” and Dominic had pretty good Chinese by the time we left China but since he was only 5 he quickly lost it when we came home (that and his stubbornness to speak or attempt to learn Chinese). If you want to know more about our experiences then pop over to Amazon and buy my kindle book TEFL teaching the Weihai Way, it’s really cheap and the price reflects the quality of the writing! However, there are a number of funny anecdotes so probably worth the money.

So, I wondered how I could encourage the kids to learn Chinese again and I came across this book (with CD) called Easy Peasy Chinese. We’ve done a couple of pages each day for a few days and I haven’t got a mass rebellion on my hands so I guess that’s good. Occasionally Dominic will suddenly realise that he knows some of the words so perhaps it is in there somewhere and his pronunciation is pretty good too.

I’m hoping this little bit each day approach will pay dividends but both with the exercises and the Chinese. However, I hope that I’m soon fully well enough to get back into propet training but at the moment I know it would be a mistake to do too much.

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