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Running cheats

Before breakfast yesterday I iced a carrot cake, made a pork casserole, packed the kids’ packed lunches (and my own), did a workout and showered and changed! I still left the house shortly after 6:30 am.

Apparently there’s a book called “What the most successful people do before breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam. I wonder if any of those things appear on their lists.

These morning workouts are working out pretty well. My body isn’t really very awake at that time of day but it doesn’t seem quite as bad as trying to run early in the morning. It’s a pity I have to go to work so early or I could do a fuller workout but for now 10-15 min will have to do. I’ve had to do with just these workouts this week as running has been out of the question for one reason or another. I’m sure just doing the workouts isn’t going to make me into an Olympic athlete but maybe after all this controversy this week about the Russian drug cheats ruining the 2012 Olympic Games, I don’t want to be. You never know though with all that stuff I packed in before breakfast, I might get to be a successful person.


Peter and I made a podcast about the scandal of the drug cheats in athletics this week, which we put up today. We chat about the morals of cheating in sport and the impact it has on the athlete and others and Peter’s ideas for an alternative Olympics. Listen to it here or on iTunes (training tracks with Maggie Cooper).

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