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Euro Cross Trials

“Red sky in the morning – shepherd’s warning” couldn’t have been more true today. It looked like it was going to be a lovely day first thing, ideal for watching the cross-country race this afternoon, so I set about trying to put the guinea pig cage together. We bought an “Eglu” cage from a company called Omlet for our guinea pigs, Tom and Jerry. Omlet mainly do stuff for chickens (as the name suggests) but they also make cages for guinea pigs and rabbits.

After about half an hour or so, the sky started to cloud over and it looked like it was going to rain. By that stage, I’d only actually got one of the side bits of the run attached. I wasn’t convinced that I’d done it right and I couldn’t fit the top on. I had to drag Peter outside to use his brute strength and ignorance to push the top into the right shape to fit it onto the side bits.

By that stage I was beginning to get cold and slightly annoyed. I’m still not entirely sure why you have to put anything you buy together yourself. Call me naive but I expect that when you pay a lot of money for something that it would come made. If I buy a computer, I don’t expect to have to solder together the microchips onto the mother board; if I buy a jumper, I don’t expect to have to knit it; if I buy a car, I don’t expect to have to put the wheels on myself so why oh why do companies expect me to construct my own furniture, build my own tricycle, screw together my own treadmill or make my own guinea pig cage?

I’m not sure what the guinea pigs think of their new home. Hopefully I’ve constructed it correctly – we’ll find out if they escape! There were no screws or any pieces left over so that’s always encouraging. Next job will be putting the treadmill together.

This afternoon we went across to Sefton Park in Liverpool to watch the cross country race. It was the qualifying race for the European cross country championships and some people from my club in London were running so I thought it would be good to watch. Also they had an Artisan’s fair in the Palm House. We went last year and they had some nice things so I thought I might be able to find some Christmas presents there.

I took the kids with me to get them out of the house. By then it was actually raining. It was looking pretty miserable and grey. We had to park a fair way from the Palm house but it was probably a mistake to take a short cut across the grass to get there. By the time we got to the Palm House my feet were wet and freezing.

We had a bit of a look round and then went to see the women’s race. The kids wanted to know why I wanted to see the race. Dominic wanted to go home. It was raining and we had difficulty holding both hot dogs and umbrellas. I couldn’t blame the kids for moaning, it was reasonable to question why anybody would want to watch a whole load of women running round a muddy park in the cold rain. Actually, perhaps you should question the sanity of those running.

If you weren’t an eleven year old boy then it was actually quite an exciting race. There was quite a big group coming out of the small lap and into the first of two large laps. Then on the second lap the pack began to spread out leaving three athletes challenging for the lead. It wasn’t clear where the advantage lay as they passed us but Gemma Steel and Kate Avery began to fight it out in the latter part of the second lap. In the end Gemma Steel (306) pulled clear of Kate Avery (842) with Steph Twell (913) in third.

I thought it was a bit much to ask the kids to stay and watch the men’s race and I didn’t want any more embarrassment as I’d already had to tell Dominic to stop shouting “you’re not running very fast” to the athletes further down the field so we went home. We didn’t take the shortcut across the grass on the way back but my feet had got so wet the first time that it probably wouldn’t have made that much difference. It poured with rain as we headed back to the Wirral. I’m glad I wasn’t racing today. 

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