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New Year’s Day

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I felt the cold wind blowing me towards New Brighton. Luckily I was dressed for the weather in spite of my family laughing at me wearing my beanie hat. I got it from H&M (ie cheap) but what it has to recommend it is that it stays on my head even if I look a bit silly wearing it.

The wind at my back was a bad sign, at some point I would have to turn around and face it full on and I wasn’t running particularly fast with it at my back. I needed a pair of sails or something to really benefit from it.

When I did turn around at New Brighton it was as bad as I feared. I stopped briefly to take a photo of the nativity in Tower Grounds Park but then I still had more than a mile and a half to go with a strong cold wind in my face (this is why I have a treadmill in my garage!)

When I eventually made it back to Guinea Gap to turn back home, it was a relief to run up the steep slope to Brighton Street as it was, at least, out of the wind.

Later we walked as a family back to New Brighton. The wind was, if anything, worse but it was nice to be outside doing something together.

Daniel got so cold in the pushchair that Peter ended up carrying him. Some time after we got home I felt Daniel’s hands and feet, they were still cold. He said “they aren’t cold” I looked at him rather puzzled “they’re freezing” he said.

Happy New Year to all my readers. If you want to find out what my resolutions (well running related ones) are for 2016 then listen here to my running podcast on Spreaker. I’d love to hear what your resolutions and plans are for 2016.

One comment on “New Year’s Day

  1. Steve Hailstone
    January 2, 2016

    Good to see a new post. I will listen in to you and Peter discussing your running goals.

    Liked by 1 person

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