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Since it was Epiphany today, we dressed up as kings in the kids worship service. Well, we put on crowns. However, we couldn’t find any crowns in the supermarket yesterday and we didn’t have time to make any so we bought 2 boxes of Christmas crackers (reduced to £2 for 12!) instead so that we could get the hats out of them.

2016-01-03 12.51.19

Some were less keen than others to actually wear their hats but we enjoyed the jokes:

Q: What is ET short for?

A: Because he’s got short legs!

Q: What do you call a one eyed dinosaur?

A: Iwonderifhesawus

I managed to get some running in before church. I got up in time to run before the kids were demanding breakfast. They did peak their heads round the garage door after about half an hour but they seemed to manage OK without me.

My plan was simply to run for an hour on the treadmill. I didn’t want to try to see how far or fast I could run, I just wanted to run for an hour. The longest I have previously run on our treadmill was for 30 min but I really need to extend my runs if I am going to be able to do the necessary training for a marathon (my ultimate plan for 2016 is to run a marathon – although I’m not convinced I will be able to achieve this with my recent record of illness).

After about 10 min I began to wonder why, in spite of the conservative speed, I was finding it relatively hard work. It turned out that the gradient had been left on 2%! It took me more than 30 min to go through 5km (most of that not at 2% gradient) but then I began to gradually turn the speed up so that in the end I did 10.6km in the hour.

I was pleased that I was able to run for that long without going mad (it is a bit boring running for that long on the treadmill even with a good podcast or music). The only problem was the treadmill had a bit of a fit and almost stopped when it got to 10km as the display switched from 9.999km to 10.00 km. I will have to be aware of this if I go through 10km at speed as I could easily have fallen off.

There were still some crackers left from church so we decided to pull them at tea time – it’s still Christmas after all.

2016-01-03 17.17.06

Even Pingu got a crown to wear.

2016-01-03 17.24.51

Happy Epiphany and happy running.

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