The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!

Family exercises

The rest of the family (excluding Daniel and me) have decided to do an exercise challenge called “fat dad fat kid”. I’m not sure that this accurately describes my family but judge for yourselves from the photos.

It’s just a 5 min workout each day but quite intense. It’s meant to last 30 days. The kids seem to be faring better than Peter who complained that his legs were aching after the first day (which involved a lot of jumping around).


Today is meant to be family film night but it is also the night that Wirral AC do their training and I really wanted to get involved in the group again now that I’m able to run again. So, I went to do a hill session by Arrowe Park and left the family to finish off their curry.

It was great to be running with a group again and it was a good session plus it didn’t rain. Certainly better than running on the treadmill.

When I got back Peter declared that it was time for the exercises. 


I suspect that my workout was slightly harder than the one that the rest of the family did but I was still impressed by how well they did. Good habits start young.

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