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A new challenge

Cooking for kids can be very tricky. If you even attempt to try something new then you can be pretty sure that before the dish is even on the table, the kids will say that they don’t like it. They haven’t even tried it!!!

It really annoys me. I could give in and just cook food that I know that they will eat or worse, I could cook something for them and then something different for and Peter and me – but I refuse to give in. They will have to eat what is in front of them.

So today was a case in point. I had some diced pork so I decided to do something a bit different and I made Honey Ginger Pork Ramen (click on the link for the recipe). Basically its like a spicy noodle soup. Dominic put his bowl upside down and Naomi looked a little doubtful. I managed to coax them to eat a little, but they weren’t all that keen. They would have preferred fish fingers. For the record, it tasted great and was pretty easy to make.

The good thing is that now I have enough left for lunch tomorrow but it is dispiriting when your family won’t eat the food that you’ve made for them.

I’m sure that I was just as bad at that age. Actually, at that age we hardly got fed at all. I seem to remember existing almost entirely by eating biscuits. This may explain a lot.


I started a new training programme with the Nike Training Club. It is a 21 day challenge and the first day was today. It was one of the HIT (high intensity training) sessions that I have done before and quite like. I notice that the next session is to run for 5 min then turn around and run back – think I can probably manage that. I will try to incorporate these sessions into my normal running as I’m sure that they are good for overall fitness and core stability, which in theory should prevent injury.

My legs seem to have survived the session last night although my right hip is hurting (I suspect that it is something to do with driving especially since Peter borrowed my car and moved the seat and I’m not sure that I have it back in the best position again). I ran a nice easy 4 miles on the treadmill – it was cold, wet and windy outside after all.

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