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Ten on the 10th January

I joined a Facebook group called Ten on the 10th. The idea is to take 10 photos on the 10th of each month. This might be easier in January (where the 10th is a Sunday) than February (where the 10th is a Wednesday) although I note that 10th does fall surprisingly often at the weekend during 2016 (maybe that why the person who organised the group chose 10th).

So, here are my 10 photos for January.

I set my alarm for 7.30 this morning to make sure that I got up for the sunrise. The alarm went off and I decided that I really just wanted to stay in bed! At around 8.30 (sunrise was 8.25) I was woken by Peter moving around in the bedroom. “Oh no”, I thought, “I’ve missed the sunrise” but a quick look out of the bedroom curtains showed that I might still be OK.

I put my running kit on in record time, laced up my trainers and ran down to the river. In typical fashion, my shoelace came undone half way down Guinea gap! It would definitely have been better if I’d got there a bit earlier but the result wasn’t too bad. I nearly fell over trying to get a better shot at the bottom of the slope. I didn’t realise that the slipway was so slippery! I decided that it wasn’t worth the risk of falling into the Mersey to get a better shot of Liverpool from the water’s edge. The other photo is the view from our bathroom when I got back. I liked the effect of the glass and the colours.

I wanted to get some shots of the kids playing this morning, but they wouldn’t stay still long enough. However, I quite like the movement in these shots.

We made the spiral decorations in the Kids Worship in church today. I think that they were actually meant to be Christmas trees – a bit late but who cares. The kids enjoyed making them all the same. Peter said that they were stairways to heaven – perhaps not very theologically sound but at least a good excuse for making Christmas trees in January.

I was meant to clean out the guinea pigs yesterday but it was pouring with rain, so I did it today. That meant that they came inside for a bit of TLC. The one on the left is called Tom and the one on the right (who is a bit more adventurous) is called Jerry.

I’ve been trying to take a photo of the kids in the same place each day this year. Actually, I think I forgot yesterday but there are always going to be days when it isn’t possible so I’m not too worried. I’m also making a stop-motion film with the photos as I thought that it would be fun to see them grow through the year. Here’s today’s photo.


So, that was nine photos of my day. I did consider using the photo from the treadmill (below) but it’s a bit boring out of the context of my running so I decided to do that classic thing and take a photo of my evening meal! Perhaps not the most exciting meal that I’ve ever cooked but popular and, more importantly, really easy to make – macaroni cheese and bacon.


As I indicated above, I haven’t just been sitting around all day taking photos, I did actually run. Once again the idea was simply to run for 1 hour on the treadmill. I really need to build up my mileage if I wanted to run a marathon this year (that’s my ultimate plan) but I have decided not to worry too much about the speed at this stage. I actually went through 10km in under 53 min, which wasn’t bad from a slow start although as I went through 40 min I remembered running on a treadmill in Beijing and doing 10km in under 40 min as a normal training session (that was before we had any children). Will I ever get back to that speed?


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