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Air guitar

I didn’t run at the running group yesterday because it was cancelled (the lady that runs the group had a meeting). In a way I didn’t really mind because I don’t think I would have run very well. I did a session on the treadmill when I got home from work instead but I was tired and heavy-legged and I didn’t feel it went very well. I just did 4 x 2 min with 1 min rest between each but I was disappointed that I found running at 15 kph (1% gradient) such hard work for a relatively short period of time and I really didn’t feel like doing more than 4 reps.

I don’t think that I’ve quite worked out the best time of day to run. If I run as soon as I come back from work and bringing the kids back from school then it is all a bit of a rush when I could really do with a sit down and a cup of tea. However, if I leave it until later then either the tea is very late, I have to eat my tea separately from the rest of the family or I have to run after I’ve eaten. None of these options is all that great. I wouldn’t mind eating late but the kids start to get hungry and pick at other (unhealthy) food and then they don’t want to eat their tea.

Unfortunately, I think that yesterday’s rather unsatisfactory session will be the only quality session that I will be able to do this week because I have to travel to Birmingham each day for the rest of the week. Perhaps they should have a mini-gym on the train so that I can do my training in transit. Or better still a running track up the middle of the train carriage. Maybe I can suggest it to the rail company.

I took the radical step of buying a new watch. After my failure to take my half-broken watch with me to the parkrun on Saturday (the strap is broken but the watch itself works), I decided that I really did need to buy a watch and when I saw a nice TomTom GPS watch on sale, I decided that it was worth the money. I didn’t have any choice about the colour (unless I was prepared to part with more cash) but as it turns out, I quite like the colour and it isn’t as if I’m going to wear it as a dress watch. It would be nice if I could get somewhere close to 20:02 for my next parkrun but unfortunately, this is the actual time not my likely 5km result on Saturday.


I bought Daniel a Minion guitar for Christmas. I really should have asked my sister to tune it for me when she visited because I am rubbish at tuning guitars and it seems even more difficult the smaller they get. No worries though, to be a great “air-guitarist” it doesn’t matter if you are in tune or not and I think I have a potential air-guitarist on my hands.

I’m still doing the Nike Training Club 21 day challenge. Today it is a Core Strength workout. Hopefully I will be able to fit it in between the bedtime story and bed. Might even be able to get a run in too, you never know. Oh, how much easier life was before children – although perhaps less fun, we didn’t used to get free entertainment from an air-guitarist for a start.

If you liked my photos from the blog post on 10th or if you are interested in joining that group then you can join here JSP 2016 Photo Challenge – Ten on the 10th the more the merrier!


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