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I did manage to run today before catching the train – but more of that later. Today I tried quinoa for the first time ever. I was a bit sceptical about eating something whose name I didn’t even know how to pronounce correctly – apparently it’s “keen-wa” if you’re interested. I bought a packet of ready to eat quinoa, as I thought that might be easier for a beginner, and made a salad based on a recipe by Bear Grylls from the newspaper.

Quinoa is meant to be really good for you as it contains nine essential amino acids and is a good source of calcium, magnesium and manganese as well as containing several vitamin Bs and vitamin E. But what does it taste like?

The answer is – not much! It has a slightly nutty flavour, if anything, but I thought it was right up there with couscous on the exciting eating scale (so not that exciting). It was neither pleasant nor unpleasant but I think I would have preferred rice. The salad was fine but I wondered if I wouldn’t have preferred the ingredients more eaten on their own rather than all mixed together. This is the recipe – you just mix it all together (or not!)

  • Half a packet of ready to eat quinoa (125g I think)
  • 50g shelled pistachio nuts
  • Half a tin of sliced peaches (drained and cut up into smaller pieces)
  • A handful of rocket
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp oil

All the quantities are a bit approximate but it gives you an idea.

While my family were making their way through a tasty pizza, I was eating healthily. I have a slight glow of self-righteousness but all in all I think I would have preferred pizza.

So, back to the running. The Nike Training Club challenge said to choose two slow songs and two fast songs and run easy to the slow songs and fast to the quick ones. I’m guessing a song lasts about 3 min so that would give you two 3 min efforts. I liked the idea but I couldn’t be bothered with making a playlist from my rather limited music collection and anyway, I wanted to listen to the radio. So I decided to do 1 km easy, 1 km fast(ish) and repeat that to give me 4km in about 20 min (which was all the time I felt I could spare at 6am this morning).

My legs don’t like 6am. To be honest, I don’t like 6am but I am a radiopharmacist so I just have to get used to it or find another job. Even 10 kph seems fast at that time of day but after a few minutes warming up I managed to persuade my legs to move a little quicker and did the rest of the km at 12 kph increasing to 13.5 kph for the faster kms. That isn’t particularly fast for a fast effort but it was faster than I would have gone without putting in the effort. The total distance of 2.5 mile in 19:45 was satisfactory for that time of day.

There’s no chance of running tomorrow so that will have to be a rest day but I have managed to get in more training this week than I thought I would so I’m happy about that. 

I enjoyed being in Birmingham these past few days. Seeing the canal brings back good memories of running along the tow paths as a student.

Travelling to Birmingham has given me a better chance to look at the new station. Despite my initial reservations (too many times going to Birmingham New Street station when there was building work on), I quite like the new layout and the easy access to the shops if you have time to spare while waiting for a train. Certainly an improvement.

While waiting for my train, I bought a cycling poncho for wearing in the rain. This will hopefully mean that it will never rain again while I am cycling and I won’t need to use it – this is working on the principle that if I ever have my umbrella with me it doesn’t rain but if I ever forget it then it pours down. Anyway, I may model the aforementioned poncho in another post. I think you will like it.

One comment on “Quinoa

  1. notmuchofarunner
    January 15, 2016

    A pretty accurate description of quinoa, I think.

    Another would be, ‘couscous with bonus threadworm’.

    Liked by 1 person

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