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Beaten by a 12 year old

I got beaten over 5k by a 12 year old today. Should I just give up now?

It was a bit icy this morning for parkrun. Several were cancelled due to the underfoot conditions, Princes Park, Croxteth Hall and Ellesmere Port were all off but not the Birkenhead parkrun. It was a little slippery in places but I’ve run parkruns where the conditions have been worse. There were a couple of very small alterations to the course but basically it was the same as normal. Thankfully, the really tight corner wasn’t icy but it was difficult around the lake and across the middle of the park and then coming up the “hill” (actually it is just a very slight slope) I had difficulty getting any traction and couldn’t really push on at all in that section. However, as I said, I’ve run in worse conditions but it wasn’t really a day for a very fast run.

I noticed a young girl warming up before the start and it was clear that she knew what she was doing and was going to ‘run’ rather than just jog round the park. In spite of this, when she set out at a fast pace I did wonder if she had gone off too fast and hoped that she would come back to me – she didn’t.

I was actually very pleased with my run; it was a very even pace with each of the 3 laps run in almost exactly 6 min 50 sec. My finishing time of 20:28 was 14 seconds faster than last week and I’m sure I could have gone faster if the conditions had been better but I couldn’t catch up with a girl 1/4 my age! She ran really well and, like me, must have run very even paced laps as the gap between us just gradually got a little bigger each time round. Her dad told me that she runs for North Wales so perhaps I shouldn’t be too upset about being beaten by her. Her age grade rating suggests that she did actually run better than me but I didn’t do too badly myself so perhaps I won’t give up just yet.


One thing that is clear is that I am getting fitter and slightly faster. I’m still a long way from the 19:08 I did just over 2 years ago and from my target of running sub-19 min but at least progress is in the right direction and, more importantly, I’m healthy.

This evening I did some exercises in the garage. Daniel wanted to know where I was, he was calling me from the hallway and when I replied that I was in the garage he just seemed confused so I stopped what I was doing and went to find him. He was keen to join me and watch me do the exercises. So, I had a support crew for half of the exercises. He decided to join in for some of the squats which just made me laugh. It’s difficult to laugh and exercise at the same time.

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