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Sub 19 min 5k by 6th August!

My love of symmetrical park run times continued today. I’ve done a 20:02 (last August), 21:12 (2nd January) and today a 20:20. Better still, I was 30th in my 30th parkrun. Actually, I would have preferred 19:59 and 28th place but I’m really not complaining. It’s progress after all.

This is a graph of my parkrun times this year. You can see that I’m gradually getting faster.


This plots quite nicely into a logarithmic equation y= -0.633 In(x) + 21.178. So, if my maths is correct then by week 7 I should be going sub-20 min (expect 19:57) but it is going to be week 32 before I’m sub 19 min! If I run every week then expect me to go sub 19 min on 6th August.

I did, once again, get beaten by a 12 year old. A different 12 year old than last week, but she is the Merseyside U13 cross-country champion and my friend’s daughter, so I didn’t mind too much.

I ran OK but slowed down on the last lap. I struggle going through the back markers (they are on lap 2 when I’m on lap 3) and lose concentration. It also didn’t help that I felt rather tired from a busy week at work and from a proper week’s training (I’ve actually run nearly 30 miles this week, which is a lot more than I have been doing). I’m glad that I ran a good pace for the first couple of laps though because it shows that I can run at that pace, I just need to keep it up for a bit longer.

After the parkrun I had to take Naomi to a party. Because the party was over in Liverpool, I ended up staying rather than driving back home. The mother of the birthday girl teaches English as a foreign language and one of her Chinese students came round to help with the party. This gave me a nice opportunity to practice my Chinese. I have forgotten most of my vocabulary but she seemed to understand my Chinese slightly better than she understood my English!

The children played pass the parcel at the party. Each layer of the parcel had an activity for the children to do like stand up and sing a nursery rhyme or smell the dad’s socks! The first one was to “give milkshake a carrot”. As I was trying to workout what this could possibly mean, I decided it must have been misread and the child was meant to make a carrot milkshake. This also seemed a little weird. How long would it take to make a carrot milkshake and why on earth would you want to do that? Finally, the mystery was solved when I ascertained that “Milkshake” was the rabbit; a very fat rabbit that lives in the garden.


The kids also decorated cup cakes. For some strange reason they all decided that they wanted blue icing. This might have been because Jess (a huge Everton fan – Everton play in a blue strip) chose the colour of her icing first. Anyway, everybody had blue cup cakes which looked a little strange but tasted fine. It was all quite fun and Naomi enjoyed herself.


3 comments on “Sub 19 min 5k by 6th August!

  1. notmuchofarunner
    January 24, 2016

    That rabbit is a monster!

    But then, so is that graph. Good going!

    Liked by 1 person

    • runmaggiecooper
      January 24, 2016

      The mother said “it’s a big breed” but I suspect it is also a little overweight! Probably could do with a Mrs.Rabbit to keep him on his toes.

      Liked by 1 person

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