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Birthday Boy

More of a family blog than a running blog today because it’s my son’s birthday (although I will mention my recent training).

I asked him what sort of cake he wanted (meaning chocolate or vanilla etc.) but he just said “Paw Patrol” so I made him a Paw Patrol cake.


OK, I have to admit that I have seen better Paw Patrol cakes but there are limits to my abilities. However, it tasted fantastic. Normally the kids are a bit funny about the icing or the filling but they all enjoyed the cake and there were no left over half eaten pieces for me to finish off – more’s the pity.

Actually, part of my problem with making sandwich cakes is that my two tins are not exactly the same size so I always end up with one half slightly smaller than the other! At some point I might actually buy a matching set but for now we have offset sandwich cakes.

Practically everything that the little chap got for his birthday was Paw Patrol related. He was, however, very happy.


So, because I had to be around for the present opening – and more importantly the cake eating – I wasn’t able to do a proper run today. However, I have been adding to my (rather limited) mileage by running from my car to work (about 1 mile) and then back again each day. If I do this every day then it will add 10 miles to my weekly mileage. It also means that I’m less likely to be late picking the kids up from school as I never manage to leave in time to walk to the school.

I’m hoping that some days I might be able to do a slightly longer route to work so that I can get in a few more miles. I’m running with my stuff in a backpack and, although the backpack is very good (it’s an old Raidlight backpack, it must be about 10 years old or more now) it still adds weight and so it’s more effort to run with it than without. I reckon that this must be pretty good training because if I can run with a bag full of stuff then it’s definitely going to be easier to run without the bag.

I’ve tried to be pretty organised with my stuff, leaving as much as possible at work so that I’m not unnecessarily carrying stuff back and forth but I’ve still got my lunch and other stuff that I need in there. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

Having been ill for most of last week, I’m now feeling quite a bit better (even if perhaps not 100%) so I’m hoping to get back into some more consistent training again this week. Maybe it was good to have a bit of an enforced rest today but I hope that I can run more than 2 miles tomorrow.


2 comments on “Birthday Boy

  1. Steve Hailstone
    February 2, 2016

    Hi Maggie. Best Paw Patrol cake EVER!

    I would appreciate prayers for me. I suffered a major heart attack yesterday,
    With resultant dam still unknown. I guess I’m taking a bit of time off.


    • runmaggiecooper
      February 2, 2016

      Sorry to hear that, will definitely pray for you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Take it easy.


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