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Family exercises

There hasn’t been a whole load of running done this week. I still have a bit of a chesty cough and both family and work have been busy this week. However, I’m still fairly pleased that I’ve been able to get in a couple of miles each day simply by running from where I park my car to work every day (and back again of course). It isn’t far, and it would be good if I could arrive a little earlier some days and do a longer circuit, but it is something.

We’ve also been doing exercises as a family. Originally, the rest of the family were following this 30 days in January exercise schedule from the Shayloss youtube channel but that is now over so we’ve had to make up our own exercise schedules. The workouts were only about 5 min each day, it could have done with being longer but I guess that 5 min is easily manageable every day and at least it is something.


These are our family’s exercise routines this week:

Day 1: 30 seconds high knees, 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds burpees, 30 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times (6 min)

Day 2: 30 seconds single leg balance reach (right leg), 30 seconds single leg balance reach (left leg), 30 seconds side plank with rotation (right side), 30 seconds side plank rotation (left side). Repeat 3 times (6 min)

Day 3: 30 seconds press ups, 30 seconds dead bugs. Repeat 8 times (8 min).

The kids seem to be enjoying it and it is a good way to encourage them to do at least some exercise. I think, as a family though, we enjoy the jumping about exercises more than the core stability exercise. But all are valuable.

Listen to our podcast for some more details.


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