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My Easter Marathon

While the kids have been busy eating rather too much chocolate, I’ve been running a marathon. Admittedly it has been over the course of 4 days but it was a marathon.

Good Friday

Stuck inside for most of the day, I managed to clean the kitchen. OK, that wasn’t all that exciting but with Peter at the ‘walk of witness’ and then at the ‘hour at the cross’ I thought that I should make some attempt to bring some order to our rather messy home.

I also made some hot cross buns, they tasted fine but I think I’m better sticking to the cinnamon rolls (the kids really like them) or doing iced fruit buns. The lamb casserole was good though.

Anyway, I finally got out of the door around quarter to four having missed most of the day’s sunshine. I was convinced that the sun would go behind a cloud before the run was over but I need’t have worried, it was lovely weather for running – and so it appeared, for strolling gently down the prom. I had to dodge hoards of people in New Brighton and decided to run back along the street rather than weaving my way through the masses a second time doing an out and back run.

I was running pretty well, and in spite of the half a mile of climb coming out of New Brighton, I still averaged 7.24 per mile, a considerable improvement on recent pace.

When I got back, I took Dominic out for about 1 mile. He’s doing pretty well but I can’t believe how unfit he is. Don’t kids run around in the playground anymore? When I was that age I basically ran everywhere. My hopes of him becoming a successful athlete are fading.

6.2 miles

Easter Saturday

We wanted to go to the Saturday morning family showing at the cinema so there wasn’t really time to squeeze in parkrun. The weather also looked somewhat unfriendly so I got out of the house fairly early and ran much the same route as on Good Friday. The wind was blowing pretty hard and the mile splits reflected that. The ones with the wind at my back were about 30 secs per mile faster than those with the wind in my face.

Once I got to New Brighton and turned for home, the wind was at my back and my hair was blowing all over the place so I put my buff on my head so that it kept the hair off my face. There were a few other hardy souls out, mainly runners but a few people walking their dogs. The runners (running in the opposite direction) looked at me with a rather pained expressions. I thought this was due to the fact that they were running right into the wind but, when I got home, I caught myself in the mirror and realised that I looked like some kind of crazy animal with my hair sticking up out of the buff and wondered if the pained expressions had anything to do with the fact that my fellow runners saw some mad looking woman running rapidly towards them.

Strava has this thing where it gives you a grade adjusted pace, this takes into account the incline on the route. It would be good if it also took into account the wind speed. If it did then I probably ran pretty even paced although not terribly quick at 7.47 per mile.

The film was terrible. Naomi, Daniel and I went to see the Charlie Brown movie. Daniel said “It was too long,” Naomi said, “It was a bit weird.” Peter and Dominic seemed to have enjoyed the Star Wars movie but even they were a bit critical. All in all though, it was a good morning’s entertainment, it isn’t all about the film.

I also made this rather nice chocolate fruit and nut stuff. The kids said that I made it with dark chocolate so that they wouldn’t want to eat it! That’s a little unfair but a very good idea. If I make chocolate brownies they are gone before you can say “don’t eat all the brownies” but this lasted all weekend. Anyway, next time I’ll forget about the pomegranate (far to much trouble) and use some dates instead. I might even do half with milk chocolate for the kids.

5.1 miles

Easter Sunday

I actually tidied the living room (quite a feat with all the kids toys seemingly to have found their way downstairs) and set up an Easter egg hunt for them. The kids were amazing. Dominic was so nice to Daniel and kept helping him find eggs. Mind you, he still managed to end up with half the eggs. Everybody was happy though.

After the service, I left the kids at church and fitted in a run before lunch (actually lunch was just incredibly late). Again, I ran to New Brighton. I thought (stupidly) that I might actually not get wet. It had been a mixture of sunshine and showers and, when I went out, it was pretty sunny. As I ran along the prom it was as if I had run into the river itself, such was the ferocity of the precipitation that I encountered – a mixture of rain and hail. I couldn’t really see where I was going as my glasses were covered in water droplets for the next mile or so until the wind dried them off.

In spite of this, I was still pretty pleased with the pace (7.22 per mile). OK, it’s nothing to write home about but at least it is heading in the right direction.

5.1 miles

Easter Monday

Everybody else seemed to be asleep when I went out relatively early this morning. The aim was to have a fairly easy run. I decided to head into the wind, in the direction of New Brighton so that I didn’t have to battle against it all the way home along the prom.

What I didn’t expect was another police diversion. There was police tape across the prom and I had to turn round and go back up onto the main road. It seems that this time it wasn’t a fire (as it was last Monday morning) but a man found dead (presumably on the beach but I’m not sure as I couldn’t really see what was going on and I was more concerned about how I was going to complete my run).

I had been going quite well along the prom section but the diversion upset my rhythm. I did 5.15 miles at 8.14 pace and, although the weather looked fairly threatening, I didn’t actually get wet.

It’s still been pretty windy all day. The traffic cones by Wallasey Town Hall are still scattered across the roads and the barriers for the road works are all over the place. We thought that we ought to go out as a family but it was too cold and windy for us to get up the enthusiasm to venture out.

I did persuade Dominic to go for a run for about 1 mile. He complained for about half of it and kept asking if we could stop (obviously No!). I asked him which part of him was hurting and he said “My lungs of course!” The boy needs to get in shape. My hopes of athletic stardom have faded further. After he left me, I did another four ferry terminal loops. I had rather hoped that each loop was 1 mile long but it turns out that each loop is only 0.93 miles so I still had 0.35 miles left run to complete 5 miles.

There is something rather unsatisfactory about a route that ends before you have run the distance that you want to run. You are left in a dilemma as to whether to just call it a day or run a pointless section of the run (usually a short out and back) to make up the distance. This was exaggerated by the fact that most of the people walking along the prom at that particular point had probably already seen a crazy woman run past 2 or 3 times before already and I felt slightly embarrassed running past them all once again.

Anyway, I did the extra distance to do 5.05 miles which completed my aim of 10 miles today. The first loop with Dominic was about 9.30 pace but the other miles were about 7.20 per mile pulling the average back to a more respectable 7.44 per mile.

I also made a rather good carrot cake which cooked nicely while I ran.

Total 10.2 miles

Easter Marathon

So it turns out that I ran 26.6 miles in 3hr 26 min over the last 4 days. That’s my Easter marathon. Now I need to put it all together in one run and knock off 26 min.


3 comments on “My Easter Marathon

  1. wolfytwex
    April 6, 2016

    Wow! Those dark chocolate fruit and nut “slices” look totally delicious! My daughter would not complain about the dark chocolate (she loves this) but about the fruit! Goes to show, you can never satisfy them…


    • runmaggiecooper
      April 6, 2016

      I made some with milk chocolate too but they were definitely better with dark chocolate where I added bit of chilli powder too to give it a bit of a kick. It’s good to make some nice things that the kids don’t like as I get to eat them myself for a change.

      Liked by 1 person

      • wolfytwex
        April 6, 2016

        Oooh chili and chocolate! Divine combination! Now you’ve got me hooked, I’ll aim at replicating your creation over the weekend.


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