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20 Miles and more

It was meant to be a nice relaxed 20 mile practice run in the hills of North Wales. A preparation for our marathon along almost the same route in 2 weeks time. Somehow we ended up doing 23.25 miles!

It really would have helped if we had both had a few more long runs under our belts. At least Anne had done the training for a half marathon a few weeks back but, like me, she hadn’t really done anything like marathon distance in preparation for this race in 2 weeks time.

Both of us had done a 15 mile run two weeks ago and then 20 miles last weekend but, for my part, these were on particularly flat terrain. Anne at least has fell running pedigree, I have none. So, to say that the hills were a challenge is bit of an understatement.

I’m not sure if the extra few miles were as a result of us going ‘off course’ a number of times or whether we just overestimated how far the extra loop that we didn’t run today was.

Anne consulting the map as we seemed to have gone slightly off route

We set off at what I thought was a pretty conservative pace, it didn’t feel like it had been quite so conservative as I struggled up Moel Famau at around 20 miles.

I did feel pretty good for large parts of this run though and, having run 23 miles, I’m pretty confident that I can do 26.2 without collapsing in an exhausted heap before we reach the end.

The main problem today was that we ran out of water but in the race they will provide water. I was really thirsty (and hungry) at around 14-15 miles and I’d eaten all my food and only had about 100ml of water left. Luckily at about 17 miles we found a water pipe and re-filled our bottles. I think I would have had to beg walkers for water if we hadn’t found that water pipe. I just hope that it was drinkable but it was flowing pretty fast and was very clear so I’m optimistic that it was OK.

The new Raidlight backpack was excellent

What I learnt today:

  • It was good to practice on the route that the marathon takes as I know which hills I’m going to have to walk up and not run up.
  • I need to take more food with me.
  • Mars Bars and Snickers Bars were an excellent choice for me for nutrition. Very easy to eat and didn’t leave me feeling overly thirsty.
  • My new bag (Raidlight Lady 2) was perfect. It ocassionally rubbed ever so slightly at the bottom of my neck but didn’t bounce around at all. I also liked the positioning of the pockets at the front (my Mars Bar pockets).
  • My shoes (Nike Zoom Kiger 2) were also great. No rubbing and very comfortable. Also pretty light.
  • I might need some support for my right ankle which has never really recovered from being twisted on a tree root.
  • I really haven’t done enough training for this marathon!!! But it’s going to be fun anyway.

Very relieved to have made it ti the top of Moel Famau and only a few miles from a cup of tea.

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