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Going swimming with the kids

Going swimming with three kids is not something to be undertaken lightly. At least now Daniel can stand on his own two feet and doesn’t need a swimming nappy, Naomi can put on her goggles without assistance and Dominic doesn’t take half an hour to put on his clothes.

That just leaves me to ensure that they all have swimming costumes, towels and goggles and to try to make sure that the clothes don’t get dropped into the puddles of water on the changing room floor, that we don’t have so much stuff that it won’t actually fit in the locker and that I remember to keep a 20p handy to lock the aforementioned locker. Oh, and looking out for them to make sure that they don’t drown – actually quite difficult as my eyesight if pretty bad so I can’t recognise them in their swim suits and goggles once they are a few feet from me!


It was the first time we’ve been swimming in ages, mainly because it was awkward with Daniel because he couldn’t get water in his ears because of his grommets. The doctor has now cleared him for going swimming, as long as he isn’t submerged.

We put on his swim fin (it’s a buoyancy aid that you strap to the child’s back and it looks like a fin) and he was officially a man eating shark in the pool, except for the fact that he was more interested in paddling than actually attempting to swim. Oh the joys of swimming. Might even go again next weekend.

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