The life of a runner, mother, radiopharmacist and vicar's wife – that's me!



I love running but how do you run when you have three kids and a full time job and then added to that you are the wife of a vicar? It can be fun, frustrating, interesting, amusing, crazy and so much more. This blog gives a window into my life and my attempts to run.

I also have a podcast on Spreaker Training Tracks with Maggie Cooper

You can also follow the blog on Bloglovin’ Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Best times:

800m: 2.20

1500m: 4.41

2,000m: 6.56

3,000m: 10.05

5,000m: 18.43

10,000m: 37.01

Half marathon: 1.20.40

20 miles: 2.13.56

Marathon: 3.07.24

Mostly when I was a bit younger though!


I have a couple of blogs they are (my original running blog) (I took a photo each day during 2014 and wrote about it)

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